Station Sensation

5 stations 1 minute each with 15 seconds between stations….45 seconds between rounds. 5 rounds of work after dynamic movement warmup


1-Mat 2-cone to cone 3-weights (dumbbells) 4-Bosu Ball 5-Agility Ladder

Round 1 – 1-Push up, Push back 2- Shuffles 3- R overhead press, L overhead press, both overhead press 4- squats 5- Pick your own

Round 2 – Beast to plank 2-broad jump to back pedal 3-front arm raise, upright row 4- alt squat hop 5-pick your own

Round 3- 1- Clap Under Sit ups 2-Run forward and backward 3-Kickbacks 4- Reverse lunge with optional hop 5-pick your own

Round 4 – Starfish crunch 2- lunge down run back 3- fly, row 4- alt squat with knee lift 5-pick your own

Round 5 – 1 – Glute bridge reach 2-A-skips 3-Curl hammer curl 4-flip over bosu – squats 5-pick your own

Quick Inspiration: Sunrises – for real ladies, it brings hope.