4 Stations for the 4th

7/5/21 at The Anchor

Roll Call: Rapking (Q), Shiplap, Package


Arm circles

Shoulder Stretches

Reach down to center and stretch, switch to each heel

10 good mornings

30 high knees

The Thang

4 Stations, 2 sets of exercises on each – so 8 exercises in all

Station 1 (tiny weights)

  1. Side bends (arm up and over the head)
  2. Squat arm lifts

Station 2 (mats)

  1. Slow burpees
  2. Toe taps

Station 3

  1. Forward jump (broad jumps)
  2. Touchdown jacks

Station 4 (agility ladder)

  1. Jump wide squat to narrow squat, then to next square
  2. Jump lunge each side, then to next square
  • Everyone start at a different station.
  • 3 sets of :40/:20 of exercise A at your station
  • Move to next station and do 3 sets of :40/:20 of exercise A at that station
  • After you’ve made your rounds with A, then you’ll do B’s exercises with the same logic.
  • If you have time left, you can do 2 sets or 1 set of the rounds again.