Bustin’ it with Bruno, Strengthin’ it with Pink

Bruno: 24k -3:47

30 curb taps

20 alt lunges on curb

10 squats or squat jumps

Run down and back (or repeat on both ends)

Pink: Raise Your Glass-3:22

10 push ups

10 bridge chest flies

10 chest press

Rest repeat AMRAP

Bruno: Locked Out Of Heaven -3:54

30 high knees or knee lifts

20 high skaters

10 low skaters

Shuffle down and back

Pink: Just Like A Pill -3:58

Leg Fires: 20 squats or squat jumps – lunge walk down repeat

Bruno: Marry You -3:45

Walk or run chapel -10 jacks at each corner

Pink: So What-3:27

20 curls – 10 serves

20 tricep extensions – 10 kickbacks

Bruno: Finesse -3:33

5 burpees 5 roll backs

Skip or walk down and back

Pink: Get This Party Started -3:12

10 shoulder press

10 upright rows

10 wide grip rows

10 flies

Bruno: The Lazy Song-3:06

Your Choice! Run, walk, repeat – I’m doing the hill to the stop sign!!!

Pink: I am Here-4:06

10 sit ups

10 v ups

10 bridge reaches

Pink: Cover Me in Sunshine 2:00 cool down and inspiration