Olympic Countries Animal House

A salute to a few Olympic countries and their symbolic animals was crushed today by this gorgeous Pax! Canvas on Q! My 2.0 StarLord, Adventurer, Bookworm, Mentor, Globetrotter, Rogue, Gigi, and McQueen – gold medal work, Sisters!

Warm-Ups: Flying Paper Airplane Race with Squats – Throw your plane and do high skips or high knees to your landing place. Do 5 squats or squat jumps. Repeat to the finish line!

The Olympic Countries:

From Japan – The Crane Kick 

From France – The Gallic Rooster (Reverse Flies)

From Russia – The Bear Crawl

From the USA – The Eagle Crunch

From Australia – The Kangaroo Jump

From Greece – The Dolphin Triceps

From China – The Giant Panda Roll

From India – The Elephant Walk

From Bahamas – The Flamingo (SL Deadlift)

From Somalia – The Leopard Sprint

50 sec each exercise, 10 sec between

Repeat 3 times with 1 min rest between sets

Wrap-Up: Jab-Crosses, Speed Bag, Upper Cut, etc. to the Rocky song “Gonna Fly Now”. When the singing parts occur, do burpees until the singing stops then back to punching.

Inspiration: “I have to be able to check in with myself when I feel I’m unable to do something: Is this my disability or is this my unwillingness?” Quote from a man who challenged us to push through our perceived limitations and to take risks every day – even through fear and discomfort – so that we grow.