Super Sets

Relay warm ups – jog, skip, Gallop, bear crawl, crab walk (stay moving in line)

Super Sets – 45 seconds on; 15 seconds off

Goblet squats

Squat broad jump to lateral squats back
Goblet squat pulses 4 and stand repeat
Squat jumps
Run long lap

Right arm decline chest press with bridge
Left arm decline chest press with bridge
Both arms
Push up to super woman
Run long lap

Kneeling right row to hammer curl
Kneeling left row to hammer curl
Standing row to hammer curl
Beast rows
Run long lap

Right arm curl to press
Left arm curl to press
Both arms curl to press
All shoulder press
Run long lap

Weights together at chest press up to tricep extension
Tricep extension
Alternating kick backs
Tricep push ups
Run long lap

Bridge to sit up or jack knife
Jack knifes
Roll r to cherry bomb roll left to Cherry bomb
Full body crunch
Run long lap

Camera hot potato finish