7 of Diamonds

When: 8/18/2021

Q: Champ

PAX: Mentor, Beachy, Gigi, Paw Print and Liberty

The Thang: PAX travel around a diamond (baseball field type set up) doing 7 reps of one exercise at each base/cone. PAX do 14 reps of a different exercise the second time around the diamond, 21 reps the third time, 28 reps the fourth time, 21 reps the fifth time, 14 reps the sixth time, and back to 7 reps the seventh time around

7 Squats

7 Situps

7 Jumping Jacks

7 Bicep Curls

14 Lunges

14 Push ups

14 Jump Squats

14 Triceps Extension

21 Calf Raises

21 Reverse Crunches

21 Skaters

21 Hammer Curls

28 Standing Obliques

28 Second Plank

28 Butt Kickers

28 Overhead Presses

21 Punches (Weights or no weights)

21 Swimmers

21 Line Jumps

21 Bent over rows

14 Side Lunges

14 Second Boat Hold

14 High Knees

14 Front Dumbell Raises

7 Kicks

7 V Sits

7 Power Skips

7 Lateral Raises

Stretch: Cooled down with a slow yoga flow.

Inspiration: With heavy hearts we prayed for our world and the unrest in Afghanistan, along with the tragedy from the Earth Quake in Haiti and all those sick and affected by Covid.
It’s important to remember how very blessed we are to live in a country where we have the freedom to gather together and pray without fear for our lives. Try not to take these privileges for granted and as tempting as it is to live with the “ignorance is bliss” mindset, we need to be aware of what is going on and be constantly praying. God is a good God and He does have a plan and purpose. We just need to trust Him!