4 Station AMRAP with AB Burnout Finish

AMRAPS (As Many Rounds As Possible) 

Bring Weights

Warm Up-
10C Windmills
10C Toy Soldiers
10C TickTocks

Arm stretches

Run Lap around Chapel

AMRAP –  4 Stations
6 min. each

Run Lap around Chapel after each station

Station 1Station 2Station 3Station 4
10 G. T. O.  Weights – Ground to Overhead10 Monkey Humpers/ Thigh Masters10 Kicks10 Burpees or Windmills
20 Lunges           (10 per side)20 Tricep Extensions20 Biceps curls to Overhead Press20 Dead Lifts
30 Jump Squats30 Skaters30 Jumping Jacks30 Dead Bug Stretches(Think upside down Bird Dog)

Run Long Lap around Chapel

10 min abs

60 sec Goal Post Glute Bridges
60 sec Windshield wipers
60 sec Full Body Roll Ups
60 sec Starfish crunch (X-ups)
60 sec Pilates 100
60 sec Bicycle Crunchs

60 sec Box Cutters

60 sec Plank

Inspiration: If you start this at 24 minutes,   the message is excellent and so relevant to the times we are in.    John Maxwell 8/8/21 FP Knoxville How do I define Success? That the people who know me best love and respect me the most.

Finish Well Mantra – John Maxwell

* I will be bigger on the inside than the outside because Character matters.

* I will follow the Golden Rule because People matter.

* I will value Humility above all virtues because Perspective matters.

* I will travel the High road of life because Attitude matters.

* I will teach only what I believe because Passion matters.

* I will daily develop my Potential because Growth matters.

* I will finish well because Faithfulness matters.

* I will play the infinite game because Legacy matters.

A PAX of 7 joined Mentor – Deluge, McQueen, Canvas, Hawkeye, Rogue, Atomic