Release the Kraken

When & Where: September 4, 2021 @ The Chapel; Q: Atomic; PAX: Ranger, Duchess, Hawkeye, 007, StarLord, Canvas, Uke, Jolt, Summertime, Aria, Viking, Flipper, Contessa, Velvet, Luna, Liberty, Dupont

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional!! Work at your comfort level and modify as needed.

Warm-up: Jog, dynamic agilities, & stretch

The Thang: Release the Kraken! 8 stations. Complete the exercise at your station, run a full lap around the circle, and start at the next station. Stations:

Bicep Curls

3-count Mountain Climbers



Split Squat Jumps


Plyo Star Jax


***Rinse and Repeat.                                                                             

Core Circuit: Complete 30 of each exercise (no breaks!):

Upper Crunch, Side Crunch (left), Side crunch (right), double leg lift, dead bugs, eagle crunches, bicycles, “Happy Baby”, Dolphins, Tricep push-ups

Inspiration: Remember to enjoy the unexpected pleasures in life.