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09/13/21 #TheAnchor

PAX: Shiplap, Windy, Tinkerbell, Micro, Purl

Q: Rapking

Total 6

The Thang

Warmup with stretches and jumping jacks with cadence


5 stations – each station has two exercises on it. Pick a station, do the exercise listed on top for three sets, then move to the next station and do the top exercise for three sets, etc. After you’ve completed the top sets on all stations, do the same for the bottom sets.

:40 on and :20 rest to make for a 30-minute move time.


  1. Overhead pull-down / Hip thrust
  2. Goblet squat / Cossack squat
  3. Standing core stabilization / Reverse DB chop
  4. KB pass walking lunges / Side squat
  5. Toe touches / Russian twist