Parallel Partner Workout


PAX: McQueen, 007, Ranger, Atomic and Aria


The PAX warmed up by doing

20 jumping jacks
20 toy soldiers
20 high knees
20 squats
20 butt kicks

The PAX then divided up into pairs to complete the 15 rounds of exercises. While Partner 1 did the exercise (i.e., 10 jump squats), Partner 2 would HOLD a wide squat. The Partners would then switch so Partner 2 would then do the 10 jump squats while Partner 1 would hold squat. When that was done, the pair would do 15 push ups, then run a lap. The next round would be another set of exercises (i.e., 10 skull crushers for Partner 1, while Partner 2 would hold the position and then they would switch), and then do 14 push ups and a lap. Round 3 was 10 Burpee/front raises for Partner 1, while Partner 2 would HOLD the front raise. They then would switch and when completed, they would do 13 push ups and a lap, etc., etc. For the record – 120 push ups total! The PAX completed all 15 rounds and then took a run together to the stop sign and did 10 squats, ran to the other stop sign for 10 more squats and then back. The PAX was going to work its way back down the series, but an event pushed us out of our AO a bit earlier than anticipated.


Colossians 3:23: Work willingly at whatever you do as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people

“Our disappointments are God’s appointments” We need to remind ourselves that our sovereign God really is in control of every aspect of our lives – even our disappointments!