Thanksgiving as a Habit

When: 11/10/2021

Q: Quest

Pax: Deluge, Lone Star, Glowstick, Rubia, Flowers, Crossrail, Quest

Not a trained professional so modified as needed!

The Thang: We all acknowledged one another and I asked what everyone was grateful for, since this is the season of thanksgiving. After everyone named what they were grateful for I revealed that it was a spell it out workout. I kept it a secret at first because I didn’t want people to only choose things that didn’t have letters for burpees ;). If you finished spelling out the first thing you were grateful for you moved on to another thing you were grateful for and took breaks when needed. Ended the last 5 minutes with an ab circle with each person giving us 15 reps.

The alpabet that we used: A=15 lunges (1:1), B=15 burpees, C=15 superwomans, D=30 sec plank, E=10 pushups, F= 30 sec wall sit, G=30 sec quick feet, H=25 bridges (hold last 10 sec), I= 20 side lying leg lifts (1:1), J= 30 sec plank, K=30 Sec wall sit, L= 15 Burpees, M= 15 curtsy lunges (1:1), N= 30 sec plank, O=15 superwomans, P= 15 skaters (1:1), Q=25 bridges (hold last 10 sec), R= 20 side shuffles (1:1), S=10 pushups, T= 15 jumping jacks, U= 15 heel taps, V= 30 sec wall sit, W=20 squats, X=15 monkey humpers, Y=15 tweety birds (calf raises and arm circles at the same time), Z=15 dips

Stretch/Inspiration: Why be thankful? This time of year we think of things to be grateful for but it can be a quick passing thought. There are 3 questions from a book (On Fire by John O’ Leary) that are used for victims but can be switched around, and for our purposes be used for gratefulness. First question, Why Me? This could be negative like why did a certain circumstances happen and cause pain. Alternatively you can dwell on all the things that happen that you have no hand in but are for your benefit. For example, the sun shining, water to drink, food to eat, health to workout or function with, etc. Second question, Who Cares? A victim mentality would be that no one cares. However, you can think of all the people in your life that do care about you, whoever that might be from family to friends, coworkers, etc. What More Can I Do? You could think that you have nothing to help with but instead you can think about who you are and what more you can do. Even if its just a small thing its better than nothing. You can show people who care about you an that you care about how much they mean to you, or do some other active step to not only state something you are grateful for but act an make gratitude a habit.

Personal reflection for myself. My dear Latin professor from college was 86 years old and taught at two colleges, tutored, did an intense bible archeology class at church, climbed ladders, and chopped his own wood for his house in the middle of nowhere. Personal goal is to be like him as I grow older. I asked him once what kept him going and investing into so many students lives still at his current age. He told me, “Carolyn, every morning I wake up and thank God for giving me a new day.” That kind of habit of gratitude is something I’d like to cultivate and I encourage you all to be creative in your own lives on how to cultivate the same attitude.