Do it for the Sunrise

AO: #thechapellakeshore

PAX: @Canvas @starlord @Hawkeye @Aria @McQueen

FNG: Dory

Q: @Luna

Total: 7

The Thang:

We worked our way up the hill to the HGTV Overlook at Lakeshore, stopping along the way to count 10 each of various exercises. We ran the stairs 3x and then did lots more reps of lots more exercises at the top, cheered on by some F3 brothers who were putting in work up there too! We finished with stretching and a mosey back down the hill.

We did 70 reps of most of these, in no particular order:


Tick tocks

Mountain Climbers

Toy Soldiers

Stairs x3

Incline or decline push ups

Step ups both sides

Split squats both sides

Calf raises

Jumping Jacks


Tricep dips

Side leg lifts both sides

Reverse leg lifts both sides

Glute bridges

Plank jacks

Jane Fonda inner thighs both sides

Hawkeye’s Tricep push-ups

Curb taps

Sidewalk run

Cool down & stretch

Inspiration: However God brought us here, he has dropped us into this beautiful place that we get to call home.