CHRISTMAS Themed Workout

A PAX of 11 joined Mentor- Canvas, Deluge, Buckeye, Luna, GiGi, McQueen, Duchess, Defender, Contessa, Ranger

We warmed up with Run/Speed Walk Long Lap.

Then we did 45 seconds of these exercises with 15 seconds rest.

Candlestick” burpees (Squat, roll back from your squat and point your feet into the air like a candle stick.  Put your candle out by rolling back up into that squat to finish the burpee.

  • Blitzen Jacks (jumping jacks)
  • Polar Push-ups
  • Reindeer Stretches (Straight leg pulses, right leg)
  • Reindeer Stretches (Straight leg pulses, left leg)
  • Snow Angels ([Upside down] – Supermans)
  • Elf Dips (Tricep Dips)
  • Mistletoe Plie Pulses
  • Nutcracker Abs (Left lifts into Scissor Wide legs and back up)
  • Shiny Star Jumps
  • Sleigh Bumps (Bridges)
  • Christmas Crunches
  • Jolly Reindeer Knees (High Knees)
  • Mistletoe Raises (Calf Raises – raising for a kiss)
  • Christmas Tree Plank Twists (don’t let your tree lean)
  • Snow Squats
  • Reindeer stretches (Birddogs)
  • Rudolph Jumps (Simulated Jump Ropes)
  • Ice Skaters
  • North Pole Climbers (Cadence Mountain Climbers)
  • Snow Globes (Arm Circles , switch directions ½ through)
  • Prancer Feet (Fast Feet)
  • Jingle Bell Twists (Russian Ab Twists)
  • Naughty Reindeer Kicks (Alternating Donkey Kicks & Fire Hydrants)  Left Leg
  • Naughty Reindeer Kicks (Alternating Donkey Kicks & Fire Hydrants)  Right Leg
  • Alternating Santa Lunges
  • Holly Jolly Bicycles
  • Penguin Heel Touches

We ran/speed walked another lap and went through as many as we could again.

During our cool down, stretching, our inspiration was around the concept of ” Wonder” and asking ourselves if we’ve lost ours? I referenced this message –