Backblast: Countdown to the end of ‘21 Descending Ladder

AO: #thechapellakeshore

PAX: @Ranger @Canvas @Glammy @Rogue @Defender

Q: @Luna 

Total: 6

Warm up: Chapel Lap

Tha Thang: Start at the top of the ladder and do each exercise all the way down. After the Burpee, run a short lap, then start the ladder at 20. Rinse and repeat until time runs out. 

21         Cadence Mountain Climbers

20         Jump Squats

19         Jacks

18         Russian Twists

17         Plank Jacks

16         High Knees

15         Bicep Curls

14         Butt Kicks

13         Tricep Dips

12         Goblet Squats

11         Heels to Heaven

10         Overhead Presses

9         Calf Raises

8         Donkey Hydrants

7         Deadlifts

6         Tick Tock Windmills

5         Shoulder Taps

4         Sit Ups

3         Push Ups

2         X-factor Abs

1         Burpee

Inspiration: Phil. 1:20-26