Backblast: The 12th Day of Christmas

AO: #thechapellakeshore
PAX: @Defender @Canvas @Deluge @McQueen @Ranger
Q: @Luna
Total: 6

Tha Thang: 4 corners of exercises. Complete the full 12 days at each station, counting down from 12 reps to 1 rep. Unlike a traditional 12-days workout, we’re just completing “The 12th day of Christmas” and going down the list once. After you’ve done all 12 exercises, run a full lap and proceed to the next station, Kraken-style. 
12 crunches
11 russian twists
10 v-ups
9 reverse crunches
8 tick tocks
7 butterfly crunches
6 grave diggers (3 each side)
5 sit ups with single leg clap
4 super woman
3 4-count bicycles
2 x-factors
1 Burpee
12 rotating curls
11 Tricep kick backs
10 overhead press
9 upright rows 
8 Tricep push-ups 
7 dry docks
6 shoulder taps
5 front raises
4 lateral raises 
3 pizza servers
2 push-ups
1 Burpee
12 touchdown squat jumps
11 froggers
10 jumping lunges total
9 clamshells each side
8 lying inner thigh raises each side (cross top leg over with foot flat on the ground, and raise bottom leg)
7 plié squats
6 step ups each side
5 split squats each side
4 side lunges each side 
3 reverse lunge kick thru each side 
2 pistol squats each side
1 Burpee
12 Plank Glute Kickback
11 bridge pulses
10 lying side leg raises (lay on side and raise top leg straight up)
9 donkey kicks each side
8 side leg abduction pulses each side (stand on one foot and raise other leg to the side)
7 single leg bridge each side
6 Diamond leg lifts (on belly, soles of feet together, raise hips)
5 plank in and out (jump legs up and back)
4 reverse plank leg lifts each side
3 curtsy lunge each side
2 jump squats
1 Burpee

Inspiration: I shared some recent Godwinks and passed the book along to @Ranger.

Thank you for joining me this morning, ladies! Stay warm!