Cardio Burnout and Double Mini Band Combo Workout

AO: The Chapel

Q: Hawkeye

DISCLAIMER: I am not a trained professional!

PAX: Ranger, Mentor, Deluge, Purl, Luna, Summertime, McQueen


We started with a nice warmup to get the blood flowing followed by a quick chapel run. There were 11 sets of cardio for 90 seconds with 3 different related exercises. We started with the base phase to the cardio phase to the burnout phase.


SquatSquat to alternating kneeSquat pulse (3) to alternating knee
I-Y-T (alternate step outs either side)I-T (low impact jack)Jumping Jack
Side lunge (arms up)Shuffle side lunge with cardio3-2-1 pulse and shuffle over
Tap, and side lift rightTap and side lift kick rightPulse, pulse, pulse and down right
Tap, and side lift leftTap and side lift kick leftPulse, pulse, pulse and down left
JabsJab alternate knee up (with or without jump)3-2-1 knee
Knee up (left) and tap back (right)Knee up (left) and lunge back (right)3 pulse lunges (right) and knee up (left)
Knee up (right) and tap back (left)Knee up (right) and lunge back (left)3 pulse lunges (left)and knee up (right)
Alternate tap back and push triceps outJump alternate tap back and push back3 jumps and 3 push backs
Double step knee upShuffle and knee upShuffle, knee, cross, knee
Plank – knee tap inMountain climberSuperwoman, pushup, 4 mountain climber


We then moved on to the loop bands with one always focused on legs while the other one was focused on the arms. This was a 2 for 1 full body workout in a 13-part series.


  • Sometimes you must
    • Hurt in order to know
    • Fall in order to grow
    • Lose in order to gain
    • Because most of life’s greatest lessons are learned through pain