Cardio Cardio and a dash of Strength

Where: Anchor

When: Sat, Jan 22, 2022

Q: Hot Buns
Pax: Hop Along, Micro, Yellowstone, Package, and Windy

Disclaimer / warmup

The Thang:

Smurf Jack into Star Jack (45 sec)

push ups (20 sec)

Jump squat into squat tap (45 sec)

Inchworm Into Tuck Jump (45 sec)

Mtn Climbers (20 sec)

Inchworm into straight jump (45 sec)

WORK THROUGH EACH SET (30 sec rest in between each set) and REPEAT

30 sec / 30 / 30 / 30

crunches / bicycles / leg lifts / dollies

Curls / W press / Tricep Extension / Push ups

WORK THROUGH EACH SET (30 sec rest in between) and REPEAT 3X


Lateral Jump Squat (20 sec)

rest for 10

Speed Step (20 sec)

Power Lunge (20 sec)

rest for 10

Speed Lunge (20 sec)


COT / Namarama


“Work for a Cause, not Applause. Live life to Express, not Impress. Don’t strive to make your presence Noticed, just make your absence felt. “