AO: The Chapel

Q: Hawkeye

PAX: McQueen, Luna, Ranger, Mentor, Rogue, Deluge and Buckeye.

We started the workout with a traveling warmup around the chapel as a group. We then came back and worked through 50 full body exercises for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off with a halftime after exercise 25. We did a quick “PAX FACTS” where each PAX member shared a fun fact about herself as we continued to march and as a way to just get to know something more about each member. We then finished with the back 25 exercises. We ended with an Ab-a-Rama and then an Exercise-a-Rama.

1Lunge hop (right) 26One arm push up left
2Lunge hop (left) 27One arm push up right
3Lunge hop alternate 28Pike pushups
4Squat Jumps 29Downward dog to hover
5Squat to kick (touch hand to foot) (right) 30Hover shoulder taps
6Squat to kick (touch hand to foot) (left) 31Plank shoulder taps
7Chest to floor burpee 32Toe reach
8Push ups 33Toe reach to hollow
9Plank to opposite foot reach (right) 34Leg lower
10Plank to opposite foot reach (left) 35Alternating leg lower
11Plank to tuck 36Alternating hand to foot reach
12Mountain Climbers 37Reverse crunch
13Jumping Jacks 38Rope climb
14Butt Kicks 39Plank jacks
15Lunge to knee drive (right) 40Flat foot switch (fast mountain climber bringing leg up)
16Lunge to knee drive (left) 41Alternating Marches
17Lateral lunge to kick (one side) 42High knees
18Lateral lunge to kick (other side) 43Burpee kick thru (switch side each time)
19Curtsey Jumps (one side) 44Switch thru (right)
20Curtsey Jumps (other side) 45Switch thru (left)
21Curtsey to squat (one side) 46Crab alternating foot reach
22Curtsey to squat (other side) 47Crouch to jump
23Lunge to squat (one side) 48Straight squats
24Lunge to squat (other side) 49Stag Squat to knee drive (right)
25Walk out to pushup 50Stag Squat to knee drive (left)

We ended with an inspiration: Remember to PURGE the YUCK out of your life and filling your soul with positivity. IF YOU COULD ERASE ALL THE MISTAKES OF YOUR PAST, YOU WOULD ALSO ERASE ALL OF THE WISDOM OF YOUR PRESENT. REMEMBER THE LESSON, NOT THE DISAPPOINTMENT.