Shakira Bod

Backblast: Shakira Bod

AO: #theanchorfarragut

PAX: Foodie, Pi, Nomad, Shiplap, Rapking, Micro, Hop Along, Liberty, Package, Windy, FNG 2.0 Crazy Crafter, FNG 2.0 Spokes

Q: Rapking

Total: 13


Arm circles

Good mornings

Jog a lap

The Thang

6 exercises, :40 on/:20 rest, 3 rounds of each exercise, then 2 rounds, then 1 round. I got inspired by Shakira and JLo’s amazing bodies from the 2020 Super Bowl and created a workout for each of them. I researched what exercises they did and this was the Shakira version. It is definitely ab-heavy and #BikiniBody worthy!

The Board

  • Cleaning the floors
  • Straight lateral pulls
  • Oblique teaser (left)
  • Side bends
  • Oblique teaser (right)
  • The bicyclist

Inspiration: This came from a respected therapist:

Some days it feels like we are really winning at life. You know, the days where you get everything done on your to do list and then some. The days everything goes smoothly at work or we get all the laundry washed, folded, and PUT AWAY! On those days, we feel really good about ourselves. After all, when we cross off that to do lists, we release endorphins and feel happier.

However, some days we hit the snooze button several times before dragging ourselves out of bed. We don’t get the laundry done, we get behind at work, and we don’t get that to do list done. Some days we barely get by doing only what is absolutely necessary. On these days, it is easy to feel like we have failed because we weren’t “productive”.

We live in a world that says you are valuable if you are working or staying busy non-stop and you are lazy if you rest. In reality, we are not supposed to be “on” 24/7. It is not sustainable or healthy. Being busy all the time is not always the best use of your time or the most productive.

Did you know that keeping yourself “busy” is often a way to feel ‘good enough’ while really struggling with low self-esteem and self-worth? It is a way to avoid feelings, hard decisions, and facing hard situations. It can keep you from truly being present with yourself.

Your worth is not measured in how productive or busy you are. Your value and worth are not tied to anything. Remember self-worth doesn’t have to be earned. Self-worth is yours simply because you exist.