Friday Mixer workout

Q: Deluge

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional. Modify as needed and work at your own pace.

PAX: Wildcat, Jersey Girl, Glowstick, Flowers, Rubia, Grizzly, Quest, Brave

Total: 9

The Thang: Station work out; 3 exercises at each station. Do 15 of each exercise, then run between stations. Repeat until time is done!

Warm up: Jump rope, toy soldiers, windmills, jumping jacks, arm circles forward and backward

  1. Bridge with chest fly, skiers, alternating lunge with bicep curl
  2. Box cutters, plie squat with calf raise, dead lift with row
  3. Shoulder taps, leg extension crunches(boat pose, recline), fire hydrants
  4. Butterfly crunches, squat with shoulder press, plank step outs

Cool down with stretching: especially arms, shoulders, legs, back, hips.

INSPIRATION: From the show(based off autobiographical book) ‘Lark Rise to Candleford”. The context of the quote is an epidemic resulting in a death. When mourning the seeming meaninglessness of life, a man’s wife gives him this response:

“To love is to lay yourself open to loss. THAT is the bargain we make with ourselves, Thomas-because it is WORTH it.”(-character Margaret Brown).

There are many different types of losses-of relationship, of self, of circumstance, etc. We may wonder, when things get hard, why we put ourselves into relationships with others. It is because it truly IS worth it. Each of us was made for community to some degree, and the benefits of truly and deeply sharing your life with another and walking alongside them is worth the work it takes to find those people, and it is worth the unknown of the future.