Heart Rate Hijacker III

When: Saturday, March 3, 2022; Q: Jolt; PAX: TBD, Rah Rah, Rookie, 007, Star-Lord, Summertime, McQueen, Ranger, Micro, Canvas, FNG Beaker, and FNG Sketch!

The Thang: This workout inspired by Daily Burn’s Tabata POC HR has two sets, each set starting with a Tabata round to get your heart pumping followed by 5 exercises, each for 50 seconds, two times through.

SET 1 – Tabata: Weighted jumping lunges; 1. Superwoman row-punch; 2. Reverse lunge kick & curl; 3. Skier tricep extension; 4. Shuffle & chop; 5. Spider push-up

SET 2 – Tabata: Burpee-plank walk-mountain climber combo; 1. Front lunge & kick; 2. Figure 4 bicep curl; 3. Around-the-world squat; 4. Reverse table leg kicks; 5. Plyo mountain climbers.