Parallel Partner-ish Workout – ALL ON Q

Q: Hawkeye and all of PAX

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a Trained Professional

PAX/CO-Qs: Duchess, Buckeye, Luna, McQueen, Ranger, Aria and 007.


This was a 15 round, group HIIT workout using weights actively, then strength holds, then using just body weight in the form of pushups and then cardio. We divided into Group 1 and Group 2 but counted together as a group. While group 1 did the active version of an exercise (i.e., 10 jump squats), group 2 did the strength version (i.e., squat hold). Then we switched and group 2 did the active version of that exercise while group 1 did the strength version. After that was completed, we had our pushup round (by the end of the workout, it was a total of 120 pushups), followed by a cardio round.

Each PAX member had to come up with a cardio event at the end of each round and we had to all count together so it was a group Q.

 Partner 1Partner 2 

10 Jump SquatsHOLD wide squatSWITCH15 push upsPAX Choice
210 Skull CrushersHOLD at earsSWITCH14 push upsPAX Choice
310 Burpee/front raisesHOLD front raiseSWITCH13 push upsPAX Choice
410 Full Sit UpsHOLD plankSWITCH12 push upsPAX Choice
510 Punches with weight (1, 1)side)HOLD front hammerSWITCH11 push upsPAX Choice
610 Boat and CanoeHOLD in boatSWITCH10 push upsPAX Choice
710 Reverse Lunge (1,1)HOLD narrow squatSWITCH9 push upsPAX Choice
810 Lateral RaiseHOLD lateral raiseSWITCH8 push upsPAX Choice
910 Sumo SquatsHOLD sumo squatSWITCH7 push upsPAX Choice
1010 pizza servesHOLD in Half CurlSWITCH6 push upsPAX Choice
1110 triceps of choiceHOLD tricepSWITCH5 push upsPAX Choice
1210 glute bridgesHOLD glute pressSWITCH4 push upsPAX Choice
1310 shoulder pressesHOLD shoulder pressSWITCH3 push upsPAX Choice
1410 RowsHOLD rowSWITCH2 push upsPAX Choice
1510 FluttersHOLD flutterSWITCH1 push upPAX Choice

Upon completion of all rounds, we continued the Group Q with an ab-a-rama and then finished with some stretching.

INSPIRATION: FIA!!!! As all PAX members were on Q, we lived and breathed the motto of BETTER TOGETHER, STRONGER TOGETHER.