Killed it Cardio!

Where: Anchor

When: Monday, March 21, 2022

Q: Hot Buns

Pax: Shiplap, Jolt, Walkie Talkie, Pi, Foodie, Soprano, Tinkerbell, Windy, Package, Purl

Warmup / Disclaimer

The Thang:

Complete each set and then repeat

Set 1

Squat Jacks into Star Jacks (45 seconds)

Push-ups (20 seconds)

Jump together squat taps (45 seconds)

Set 2

Inchworm into Tuck jump, reverse it and repeat(45)

Mtn Climbers (20)

Inchworm into straight jump, reverse it and repeat (45)

Complete 3 sets 3 X (30,30,30,30 sec back to back). 30 second rest after each set

Set 1

Bicep curls (30)

W’s press (30)

Tricep Extension (30)

Push-ups (30)

Set 2

Crunches (30)

Bicycle (30)

Lower leg lifts (30)

Dollies (30)

Set 3

Plyo Lunges (30)

Plank Walk (30)

Switch Climber (30)

Lateral Squat Jumps (30)

With bands on legs, deep backward stepping lunge, into curtsy lunge, back into deep lunge (45 seconds, same leg – repeat with other leg X 2)

Kicker : after each 45 seconds, kick back leg back and forth in a curtsy style lunge 20X

Repeat kicker after each leg.

COT / Inspiration

These Elite Athletes are my inspiration! You all killed it!