Wheels of Fitness Tabata – The Power of Choice!

A PAX of 7 used their Power of Choice this morning. Mentor, MomFIA, Tatanka, McQueen, Hawkeye, Ying, & Yang

4 Wheels targeting Cardio, Arms, Core, Legs with a variety of exercises in those categories to choose from.

We took turns being the one to CHOOSE which wheel to spin, and which exercise. If you didn’t like the exercise the spinner chose, you could spin the arrow to the one you wanted. Then we did 6 Tabata rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest of that exercise.

Our inspiration today is that we all have the power of choice whether you like your choices or not, whether you feel out of control . . . You can choose how to react, how to look at a situation, etc. You always have the power to choose and that inspires you with hope.