Backblast: Whirlpool
Date: 4/20/22
AO: #thebluffcedarbluff
PAX: @McQueen (Cara Knapp) @Mentor (Amy Ahrens) @Summertime (Christy Lentz) @Tatanka (Jennifer LaMattina) @Momfia (Claire May) @Gigi (Lisa Chadwick) @Yang (Tina Amick Mullins)
Q: @Counselor (Kat Coy)
Total: 8

The Thang: One person will run a lap. Everyone else does their own move continuously until the runner comes back. Then move to the next exercise.

Use weights if wanted

Leg: Single Leg Deadlift
Arm: Bicep Curls
Core: Superwoman
Leg: Donkey Kick
Arm: Shoulder Press
Core: Bird Dog
Leg: Side Leg Lifts
Arm: Triceps Kickbacks
Core: Dead Bug
Leg: Glute Bridge
Arm: Bent Over Row
Core: Dumbbell Side Bends

Inspiration: Winning and losing isn’t everything – Sometimes it is the journey that is just as important as the outcome. – Alex Morgan

We ran for each other today!