The Travelers

When: 5/25/2022 at 5:15am

Q: Quest

PAX: Flowers, Glowstick

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional, make modifications as needed

The Thang: Warmed up with good mornings, plank with foot forward and one arm up, cobra, downward facing dog, and slowly rise.

We split into 2 teams. Since there were just 3 of us we rotated periodically. One team was stationary while the other team did a traveling exercise. Teams switched when everyone from the traveling group returned. If a traveling group member got back sooner than the rest they joined the stationary group till all returned.

Stationary/Traveling Exercise

  1. Jumping Jacks/Lunges
  2. Pushups/2 steps then squat
  3. Monkey Humpers/Run
  4. Burpees/Bear Crawl
  5. Catalina Wine Mixers (low/high plank)/Side Step then Kick
  6. Side Shuffle/Crab Crawl
  7. Wall Sit/Skipping
  8. Russian Twists and Bicycles/Inchworm

Ab Circle with 15 reps each.

Stretch: IT band stretch (lying down, one leg bent under body and other leg out behind, gently bring chest to ground).

Inspiration: I found myself thinking I could do more than what I was able to and getting very stressed out trying to do it all. Instead of thinking that I could do it all, we could be more realistic about what we are able to do, knowing our limitations and being humble. We do not need to be upset about our lack of capacity and angry with ourselves. Instead we can be grateful for what we are able to do and what we are given. We can think about what is most important to us and make sure that we give adequate time and attention to those things.