“Choose Your Own Adventure” Workout

“Choose Your Own Adventure” Workout – we went to the Beach, in an SUV, with some sweet snacks, encountered ninjas, had swords, swam across the ocean, to find a magic map, ended up as a super villain or superhero (depending on the round), and more – great job ladies!
@McQueen (Cara Knapp), @Ying, @Yang (Tina Amick Mullins), @Tito (Shannon Davis), @Tatanka (Jennifer LaMattina), @Gigi (Lisa Chadwick), @Riptide (Rickelle Laws), Hobby Lobby, @Q-tip, @Sassy (Suzi Judd)

45 seconds on – 15 seconds rest
Pick your adventure and do the activity. Complete twice.

Beach (Bicep Curls) – Mountains (Reverse Bicep Curls)
Counselor (Superwoman) – McQueen (Burpees)
Plane (Tricep Kickbacks) – Fancy SUV (Skull Crushers)
Sweet Snacks (Run) – Salty Snacks (Side Shuffles)
Country Music (Donkey Kick and Arm Extensions) – 80’s Music (Bridge Thurst with Arm Pulldown Pump)
Ninjas (Lunge and Arm Pull-Ups) – Wizards (Plie’ and Shoulder Press)
Guns (Single Leg and Row) – Swords (Squat and Front Arm Extension)
Mystery Map (Run) – Captured (Burpees)
Spiders (Bicycles) – Snakes (Leg Lowers)
Rock Climb (Bridge Thrusts) – Swim Across Ocean (Swimmers)
Magic Powers (Tennessee Twists) – Re-Stocked Guns/Amo (Sit-ups)
Hurricane (Run) – Earthquake (Mountain Climbers)
Creepy Circus (Scarecrow – side arm extensions) – Haunted House (Arms around the World)
Quicksand (Deadlift) – Car sinking in water (Squat to single-leg side lift)
Super Villain (Burpees) – Super Hero (Run)