Villain Station Circuit

AO: #thechapellakeshore PAX: Contessa, Defender, Mentor, McQueen, Summertime, Ranger, Hawkeye, Gigi, 007, Canvas AND SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE BY DIESEL!!!!!! FNG: #lit  Q: Luna Total: 13 Warm up: Zombie Escape (4 minutes of warm up work done in 20-second increments) Tha Thang: 8 stations, each themed after a Disney Villain. Start your circuits with the top exercise, then move to the next station. Once you've completed the circuit, move on… Continue reading Villain Station Circuit


1776 AMRAP

A bright & beautiful PAX of 18 joined me at The Chapel for a total-body AMRAP with a 1776 theme! It was unseasonably cool, but we worked up a sweat in no time! PAX: Summertime, Aria, 737, Hawkeye, DuPont, Ranger, 2.0 Gold Medal, Deluge, Rogue, 007, Velvet, Viking, Contessa, 2.0 Hermione, Glammy, Buckeye, Liberty, Grizzly… Continue reading 1776 AMRAP


FiA Collabs

8 Incredible PAX joined me a for a Better Together Collaboration workout at The Chapel! Canvas, Deluge, 007, Rogue, Ranger, Buckeye, Hawkeye, and Mentor: You rock!! Warm-up Minute 1: jumping jacks Minute 2: 10 jumping jacks + 10 squats (repeat) Minute 3: 10 jumping jacks + 10 squats + 10 Windmills (repeat) Minute 4: 10… Continue reading FiA Collabs

Backblasts, The Chapel

PRINCE at The Chapel

A strong and mighty PAX of 9 joined me at The Chapel this morning for a Prince-inspired workout! When a theme challenge gets dropped, you know I'll accept it! Who: Duchess, AT, Canvas, Hawkeye, McQueen, Summertime, Jolt, Ranger, Defender Q: Luna Tha Thang: Warm-up to Purple Rain. Each time Prince sings "Purple Rain," do a… Continue reading PRINCE at The Chapel