JLo Bod

3/2/20 at The Anchor PAX: Rapking (Q), Shiplap, Fromage Warm-ups 1:00 plank 5 fire hydrants each leg 5 donkey kicks each leg 10 scapular push-ups The Thang Mats and dumbbells recommended Today’s workout was all inspired by Jennifer Lopez from this year’s stellar Super Bowl halftime performance! I researched what JLo’s trainers have her do… Continue reading JLo Bod

Loop Band Burner

When: 10/21/19 at The Anchor PAX: Rapking (Q), Fromage, Giant, Shiplap, Sprinkles (2.0), Cali, 007, Scrubs, Lego Fantastic weather for our sculpting exercises today! It looked like rain was going to hit any minute, but instead, the warm front kept us comfortable. I've been playing around with therapy bands for a few months so it… Continue reading Loop Band Burner