Dirty Dozen HIIT

Where: Chapel Q: Pioneer PAX: Nomad, Jolt, Luna, Mentor, Ranger, Memaw, Duchess, AT, Hawkeye, Wildlife, Defender Disclaimer/Warm up 12 exercises, 12 reps each, repeat as many times as we can (low impact and advance options available) 1. Squat with overhead press 2. Reverse lunge with weights or pass through 3. Side lunge with squat 4.… Continue reading Dirty Dozen HIIT

Group HIIT Pyramids

When: 11/21/19 Where: The Chapel Who: Pioneer (Q), 007, Nomad, Glammy, Mentor, Bravo, Gamecock, Luna Disclaimer: not a trained professional, modify as needed The Thang: Warm up: skips, shuffles, and stretches. We broke up into two groups and did a reverse up and down pyramid of 5 exercises. Group 1: Jumping cross cross squats, jumping… Continue reading Group HIIT Pyramids