Hocus Pocus, I need Squats to focus.

Q-Glammy 10/13/2022 Pax- Ranger, Hawkeye, Puddin, & Luna Warmup:              Pamela Pupkin’s Halloween Workou Stretch The Thang:  EMOM (31 seconds, repeat 3x, then rest for 1 minute, then next set). **Pick your poison- Should you choose to shorten your “rest” time, do Pumpkin Power Jacks. Spooky Set 1 Scary Squats Pumpkin Pushups BOO-ty bridges Zombie Run (Fast feet)… Continue reading Hocus Pocus, I need Squats to focus.


Dirty Thirty

Fia Q 8/31/2021 Q: Glammy Pax: Atomic, Summertime, Hawkeye, Canvas, Mentor, Luna, Deluge, and Rogue Warmup: 10 each- slow Palms up/Arm stretches to hugWindmills Good morningsHamstrings (reach and scoops) Inch worms to push up  Jump Rope x 30 seconds 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off Repeat x 3 Jump Rope x 30 seconds  1st Block Hammer curl-… Continue reading Dirty Thirty

The Chapel

Stronger Tomorrow

MAY 11,2020 The Chapel Q: Glammy Pax: Ranger, Hawkeye, Rogue, Duchess, Deluge, Luna, Canvas, Defender, Mentor, McQueen, Summertime WARMUP -Jump side to side -Skiers -Bend down/stretch into down dog -Open/close gate x4 each side/each direction -Spine Stretch -Stand up slowly/inch worm -Arm pulses with palms up x10 GUEST APPEARANCE: Dear Sally- Squats- Squat up and… Continue reading Stronger Tomorrow



When: Saturday, October 10, 2020 Where: The Chapel Q: Co-Q's: Summertime and Glammy Pax: 007, Luna, Duchess, Ranger, Package, McQueen, Aria, Mad Dog, and welcome FNG Grizzly. Disclaimer: We are not trained professionals. Modify as needed. Warm-up 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest CARDIO: (Summertime) 3 Jacks- 1 Star JumpScissor- Scissor LungeHop Scotch with a… Continue reading SummerGlam/GlamTime


Banded Together

6/30/20 Q: Glammy Pax: Canvas, Ranger, 007, Dig, Hawkeye, Sunrise, Luna, and McQueen. Disclaimer Warmup/Stretch: Bend over and touch toes. Hang for a few seconds. Stretch out back and legs well. Slowly rise back up. Stretch arms. -10 Deadlifts (no weights) -20 Good Mornings -30 Jumping Jacks Lap around Chapel The Thang: (Split into small… Continue reading Banded Together


Dynamic Duo

May 21, 2020 Glammy Pax: Summertime, Luna, Ranger, Mentor, Canvas, Rogue, Defender, and 007. Disclaimer WARMUP: -Arm Circles (frontward) x10 -Arm Circles (backward) x10 -Arm Stretch Over (each side) Calf Raises x20 Good Mornings x20 Lap around Chapel (or about equal distance to both squares around Chapel). THE THANG: 2 sets of exercises per round.… Continue reading Dynamic Duo



When: Decemeber 28, 2019 Saturday Pax of 6 total: Q-Glammy Summertime, Ranger, Snapshot, McQueen, Mama Mia DISCLAIMER: I am not a trained professional. STRETCH/WARM-UP: Deadlifts with NO weightsTake a lap The Thing: Split into small groups.Have fun, but remember this is YOUR workout, so make the MOST of it!Remember to modify if you need to.… Continue reading Ringing in 2020 BETTER TOGETHER, STRONGER TOGETHER