Cardio core circuit

Cardio core-45 seconds each, 15 second rest and move to next station (10 stations) 1-Burpees 2-Single leg burpees 3-Burpee with heel click (in plank and standing) 1-Plank weight move 2-Plank walk mountain climbers (hi & lo) 3-plank alternating toe touch 1-Wacky jacks (elbows to knees) 2-Seal jacks 3-Cross over jacks 1-Alt lunge one weight (shoulders… Continue reading Cardio core circuit

Progressions, and countdowns, and cardio, oh my!!

When: August 1, 2019 5:15 am!! Q: Summertime PAX: Glammy, Starcrunch, Nomad, Tater, Astro, Jolt, Mentor, Ranger, Defender, Gamecock, Badger, Pitch Perfect, Hawkeye, Bravo Disclaimer: I am not a professionsal trainer The thang: Warm up: lap with shuffles and skips, slow burpees, deep lunges, inch worms, and push ups 20 second professions 5 rounds before… Continue reading Progressions, and countdowns, and cardio, oh my!!