Bingo Bash

Q: Hop AlongPAX: Fromage, Mama Mia, Lake Life and ShiplapTHE THANG: Using a BINGO ball, we randomly selected our workout. The letter on each ball dictated the exercise and last number indicated the number of reps (zero representing ten).  We had a LOT of reps!B - BurpeesI - Inchworm PushupsN - Neckties (Columbian)G - Get UpsO -… Continue reading Bingo Bash

Opposites Attack!

Q- Gamecock, PAX- Glammy, Summertime, Lightning, Danger, Canvas, Bravo, Jolt Disclaimer- I am not a trained professional- modify as needed and go at your own pace! The Thang: Run the Chapel- both squares! (60 seconds on, 15 off between exercises) Pushups- plank kicks Crunches- reverse crunch with leg lift  Fire hydrants up- fire hydrants down… Continue reading Opposites Attack!

JLo Bod

3/2/20 at The Anchor PAX: Rapking (Q), Shiplap, Fromage Warm-ups 1:00 plank 5 fire hydrants each leg 5 donkey kicks each leg 10 scapular push-ups The Thang Mats and dumbbells recommended Today’s workout was all inspired by Jennifer Lopez from this year’s stellar Super Bowl halftime performance! I researched what JLo’s trainers have her do… Continue reading JLo Bod


When: Saturday, February 29, 2020 Q: Jolt PAX: Package, Snapshot, 007, Canvas, Cinderella, Danger, Nomad, Luna, Shiplap, 180, Calmonster, Champ, Mentor Disclaimer/Warmup The Thang: First THE HILL, then three rounds of three exercises. Round 1: each exercise for 30 seconds, Round 2: 45 seconds and Round 3: 60 seconds. Three sets. Set 1: Rotating thruster,… Continue reading #LookedGoodOnPaper