Cardio core circuit

Cardio core-45 seconds each, 15 second rest and move to next station (10 stations) 1-Burpees 2-Single leg burpees 3-Burpee with heel click (in plank and standing) 1-Plank weight move 2-Plank walk mountain climbers (hi & lo) 3-plank alternating toe touch 1-Wacky jacks (elbows to knees) 2-Seal jacks 3-Cross over jacks 1-Alt lunge one weight (shoulders… Continue reading Cardio core circuit

A seriously dedicated PAX of 5 joined me on this soggy morning for a Super Bowl LIV-inspired workout! We took the play-by-play of the game, assigned exercises to specific plays, and worked our shoulders (among others) into obilivion. Thanks for braving the weather, Jolt, Defender, Mentor, Aria, and FNG Lightning! The Thang: SF First Down… Continue reading

Super Sweaty Tabata

When: Monday, February 3rd, 2020Q: Hop AlongPAX: Sped, Fromage, Package, Tiger and Lakelife with 2.0s Pickle, Gymnast, Unicorn and PuzzlesDisclaimerCardio Tabata mixed with timed strength with a couple songs to wrap things up.Tabata - Burpees and Jumping Jacks - 20 second on and ten seconds off - Repeat for 4 minutesStrength - Walkout pushups and… Continue reading Super Sweaty Tabata

Weighty HIIT Workout

When: Tuesday, February 4th, 2020Q: JoltPAX: Mentor, Diesel, Luna, Ranger, Duchess, Bravo, AT, Wildlife, Gamecock, Summertime, NomadDisclaimerWarmupThe (mostly) weighty work: 12 exercises each for 50 seconds with a 10 second rest between each. Three rounds. Here's what we did: ground-to-overhead, runner lunge, push-up/leg lift combo, weighty skaters, wood choppers, bridge dips with alternating leg lifts,… Continue reading Weighty HIIT Workout

Move it!

When: January 25, 2020Q: JoltPAX: Wildlife, Diesel, Satire, Girl Scout, Turtle, Glammy, Shiplap, Hoot, ZuZoo, Memaw, Xena, Aria, Ranger, Summertime, Cinderella, Package, Preceptor, Snapshot, McQueen, NomadDisclaimerThe Thang: We moved through the park and used two different parking lots and a big, nasty hill for this workout.  It was split into three blocks: curb work, a figure 8, and… Continue reading Move it!