Dirty Dozen HIIT

Where: Chapel Q: Pioneer PAX: Nomad, Jolt, Luna, Mentor, Ranger, Memaw, Duchess, AT, Hawkeye, Wildlife, Defender Disclaimer/Warm up 12 exercises, 12 reps each, repeat as many times as we can (low impact and advance options available) 1. Squat with overhead press 2. Reverse lunge with weights or pass through 3. Side lunge with squat 4.… Continue reading Dirty Dozen HIIT

Terrific Twenties

When: January 15, 2020 Q: Hop Along Pax: Lake Life, Package, Shiplap, Lego, 007 and Rapking *Disclaimer* The Thang: Eight exercises, 20 seconds ON and 10 seconds rest High Knees Froggers Speed Skaters Plank Jacks Tuck Jumps Mountain Climbers Squat Jump Turns Burpees REPEAT TEN TIMES Inspiration: Advice for 2020 Write down your goalsGo outsideEnjoy… Continue reading Terrific Twenties

The Variety Show

When: 1/16/2020 Where: The Chapel Q: 007 PAX: Glammy, Mentor, Luna, Diesel, Aria, Jolt, Gamecock, Defender, AT, Wildlife, Hawkeye, Ranger, 007, FNG- River Disclaimer: I am not a trained Professional. Stay at your own pace, modify when needed, and continue to strive. The Thang: Session 1: The Chapel Jumping Jack Countdown15 Jumping Jacks15 shoulder side-lifts… Continue reading The Variety Show