The Chapel

Stronger Tomorrow

MAY 11,2020 The Chapel Q: Glammy Pax: Ranger, Hawkeye, Rogue, Duchess, Deluge, Luna, Canvas, Defender, Mentor, McQueen, Summertime WARMUP -Jump side to side -Skiers -Bend down/stretch into down dog -Open/close gate x4 each side/each direction -Spine Stretch -Stand up slowly/inch worm -Arm pulses with palms up x10 GUEST APPEARANCE: Dear Sally- Squats- Squat up and… Continue reading Stronger Tomorrow

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PRINCE at The Chapel

A strong and mighty PAX of 9 joined me at The Chapel this morning for a Prince-inspired workout! When a theme challenge gets dropped, you know I'll accept it! Who: Duchess, AT, Canvas, Hawkeye, McQueen, Summertime, Jolt, Ranger, Defender Q: Luna Tha Thang: Warm-up to Purple Rain. Each time Prince sings "Purple Rain," do a… Continue reading PRINCE at The Chapel

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Christmas Cookie Circuit Cleanse

Tuesday December 29, 2020Q:AT PAX:007, Hawkeye, Mentor, Duchess, Ranger, Luna, McQueen, Rogue, Canvas The Thang: warmup lap 10 stations: box jumps/step ups, calf raises, lateral step ups, tricep dips, semi-circle mountain climbers, wall sit, ice skaters, handstand donkey kicks/donkey kicks, Bulgarian split squat, incline push up. run lap repeat x3 Cool down yoga Psalm 25:4-5… Continue reading Christmas Cookie Circuit Cleanse

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Carol of the (dumb) Bells

A festive PAX of 8 joined me for a Christmas-music filled breezy morning at The Chapel! Where: The Chapel When: Dec. 22, 2020 PAX: Canvas, 007, Duchess, Ranger, Glammy, McQueen, Mentor, Summertime Q: Luna Tha Thang: Warm up with a long jog around The Chapel. For the duration of each song on the playlist, repeat… Continue reading Carol of the (dumb) Bells

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Talk Turkey to Me

When: November 24, 2020 Where: The Chapel Who: Rogue, Defender, visiting FiA Memphis sister Gilly, Neon, Mad Dog, Glammy, Canvas, Hawkeye (& Tessa!), Wildlife Q: Luna The Thang: Warm up with a lap around the chapel (no squares) Three circuits of work with 6 exercises each. Work for 35 seconds, rest/transition for 10 seconds. After… Continue reading Talk Turkey to Me