Hump Day

Q: Tatanka PAX: McQueen, Momfia, TBD, Ying, Yang, Counselor, Gigi, Honey The Thang: Warm-up: 30 jacks, 20 toy soldiers, 10 burpees Workout: 45 seconds of work, 20 seconds of movement (e.g. jog, high knees, jacks, walk) 1-planks 2-squats/plie’ squats 3-sit-ups (any style-reverse crunches, butterfly crunches, bicycles) 4-bridges 5-dips 6-squat jumps 7-side planks 8-single leg RDL’s… Continue reading Hump Day

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Christmas Cookie Circuit Cleanse

Tuesday December 29, 2020Q:AT PAX:007, Hawkeye, Mentor, Duchess, Ranger, Luna, McQueen, Rogue, Canvas The Thang: warmup lap 10 stations: box jumps/step ups, calf raises, lateral step ups, tricep dips, semi-circle mountain climbers, wall sit, ice skaters, handstand donkey kicks/donkey kicks, Bulgarian split squat, incline push up. run lap repeat x3 Cool down yoga Psalm 25:4-5… Continue reading Christmas Cookie Circuit Cleanse

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When: August 12, 2020 Where: The Anchor Q: Nomad PAX: Tiger, Shiplap, Package, Fromage, Froyo, 2.0s Meatball, Gymnast, Puzzles & Unicorn Disclaimer: I am not a trained fitness Professional. Stay at your own pace, modify when needed, and continue to strive. The Thang: Roll a 12 Sided Fitness Die Warm Up - Windmills, Toy Soldiers, Side Lunges,… Continue reading FULL BODY HIIT – ROLL THE FITNESS DIE

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Summer Arms/Legs AMRAP @FiAKnoxville

Date: June 17, 2020; Q: Nomad; PAX: Salsa, Hocus Pocus, Giant, Thriller, Rapking, HopAlong Disclaimer: I am not a trained fitness professional; I just like to boss people around. Workout at your own pace and modify if needed! ROUND 1 AMRAP 8 min -  10  Superwomen, 10  Hammer Curls, 10  Bent Over Rows, 10  Reverse Flies, 10  Upright Rows 1… Continue reading Summer Arms/Legs AMRAP @FiAKnoxville