4 Station AMRAP with AB Burnout Finish

AMRAPS (As Many Rounds As Possible)  Bring Weights Warm Up-10C Windmills10C Toy Soldiers10C TickTocks Arm stretches Run Lap around Chapel AMRAP -  4 Stations6 min. each Run Lap around Chapel after each station Station 1Station 2Station 3Station 410 G. T. O.  Weights – Ground to Overhead10 Monkey Humpers/ Thigh Masters10 Kicks10 Burpees or Windmills20 Lunges… Continue reading 4 Station AMRAP with AB Burnout Finish

Backblasts, The Chapel

Carol of the (dumb) Bells

A festive PAX of 8 joined me for a Christmas-music filled breezy morning at The Chapel! Where: The Chapel When: Dec. 22, 2020 PAX: Canvas, 007, Duchess, Ranger, Glammy, McQueen, Mentor, Summertime Q: Luna Tha Thang: Warm up with a long jog around The Chapel. For the duration of each song on the playlist, repeat… Continue reading Carol of the (dumb) Bells

The Chapel

Block-Bench Stations at The Chapel

A beautiful PAX of 10 joined me for a block-bench station workout at The Chapel! Thank the Lord the fans were on - it was a WARM morning! But these beauties worked hard all around the benches at The Chapel with our full body workout! PAX: Sunrise, Canvas, Super Woman, FNG Keys, Aria, Rogue, Atomic,… Continue reading Block-Bench Stations at The Chapel