Backblasts, The Chapel

Talk Turkey to Me

When: November 24, 2020 Where: The Chapel Who: Rogue, Defender, visiting FiA Memphis sister Gilly, Neon, Mad Dog, Glammy, Canvas, Hawkeye (& Tessa!), Wildlife Q: Luna The Thang: Warm up with a lap around the chapel (no squares) Three circuits of work with 6 exercises each. Work for 35 seconds, rest/transition for 10 seconds. After… Continue reading Talk Turkey to Me

The Chapel

Block-Bench Stations at The Chapel

A beautiful PAX of 10 joined me for a block-bench station workout at The Chapel! Thank the Lord the fans were on - it was a WARM morning! But these beauties worked hard all around the benches at The Chapel with our full body workout! PAX: Sunrise, Canvas, Super Woman, FNG Keys, Aria, Rogue, Atomic,… Continue reading Block-Bench Stations at The Chapel