What is FiA?

Please email us at fiaknx@gmail.com for our temporary Farragut location.

•FiA is for females…it stands for Females in Action.

• FiA is FREE.

• FiA workouts are peer-led. There are no paid instructors or trainers.

• FiA workouts take place on outdoor public property, such as schools or parks.

• FiA workouts are held outdoors: rain or shine, hot or cold.

• FiA is for women of all ages and ability levels, from teens to retirement

• FiA welcomes women of all races, ethnicity and religious backgrounds. While
FiA is not affiliated with any specific religion or religious organization, we
do close every workout with the leader’s choice of a prayer or intention for
the day.

• FiA workouts are a place where a woman can be herself. We encourage all
ladies to come as they are!

• FiA creates camaraderie, friendships and leaders.

• FiA’s connect! Throughout the year we have many opportunities for members
including regular socials, book clubs and donation drives. Opportunities are
arranged by location leaders.

To learn more about Females in Action read our disclaimer & visit www.fianation.com.