Let’s GOOOO!

A0: The Chapel, 7:15 am Q: 007 Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional, please modify when needed, but keep pushing yourself. PAX: Luna, Footloose, Jolt, Ranger, Cinderella, Aria, Neon, Hawkeye, Canvas, Page Turner, Duchess, Package, McQueen, FNG- Codevalier The Thang: Warm-Up: Jumping JacksHigh KneesRun with resistance band to stop sign then pulse squat, side… Continue reading Let’s GOOOO!

Backblasts, The Chapel

PRINCE at The Chapel

A strong and mighty PAX of 9 joined me at The Chapel this morning for a Prince-inspired workout! When a theme challenge gets dropped, you know I'll accept it! Who: Duchess, AT, Canvas, Hawkeye, McQueen, Summertime, Jolt, Ranger, Defender Q: Luna Tha Thang: Warm-up to Purple Rain. Each time Prince sings "Purple Rain," do a… Continue reading PRINCE at The Chapel


Help a sister out workout

partner workout- 100 between the two sisters100 of each strength= Pushups, side lunges, sit ups, squat OH press, bent over row/fly, ATW squat jumps, inch worms 100 each Cardio= High knees, jumping jacks, mtn climbers, jab punches, toe touch squats, burpees


Thigh Blast EMOM

1/6/21 at The Anchor Roll Call: Shiplap, Doc, Tinkerbell, Lady Vol, Hocus Pocus, Hop Along, Windy, Package, Micro, Proton, Rapking (Q) Warm-up 10 Good Mornings10 Fire Hydrants (5 each leg)10 Donkey Kicks (5 each leg)10 Hip Circles (5 each leg)20 Calf Raises The Thang EMOM3 sets of thighs with first exercisethen 1 set of freestyle… Continue reading Thigh Blast EMOM